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Acting Agents Now Hiring New Faces - Apply Here - 1 Audition is sometimes all it takes.

What is It is a resource for Movie, Film, Television, Reality TV and Theatrical / Musical Auditions.

It is also a resource for Acting & Modeling Casting Calls. We obtain, through a 3rd party industry resource, hundreds of auditions and castings and make them available for free to aspiring models and actors. This is a free resource and it should be remembered that auditions should be free. The only thing that an actor or model might consider paying for are photographs, coaching or audition submission services. Audition submission services submit your photographs and bio to casting directors for consideration on parts that are being offered. They should not be confused with auditions as it is the audition that may result from this service. Modeling auditions can many times be submitted via the Internet thus saving on printing costs.

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This site links to our 3rd party auditions resource site. Please follow the link below to view the current auditioning opportunities.

Note: The site does offer hundreds of current auditions that are searchable by location and keyword. There is no charge for viewing the auditions while the site does request 2 things:

1 - That you become a free member which also provides a lot of usable tools for actors and models including a free website, email, auditions calendar and more than 20,000 free resources such as listings for agents, casting directors, coaches, photographers and more.

2 - That you notify them if you land an audition or casting so that they can mention it on their site.

Otherwise it is quick and hasstle free and they do have a huge inventory of auditions and casting calls available.

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Share ideas, tips, info and find postings by industry insiders of new auditions and casting calls for film, theatrical, modeling and more.



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