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Though a prestigious company and network, the process of auditioning for Disney is the same as any other audition. The main difference, auditions for Disney can catapult your career if a role is given to you. Disney is the leading media supplier for teens (ages 11-14) and cast actors every year in hopes of finding the next Hillary Duff or Jesse McCartney. So the big question is, how do you find auditions for Disney? First, make sure your child wants to act. If they do, get them involved in local theatre or commercial work. Read local arts trades in your area. Many times, Disney will come into an area and hold open auditions. By keeping up with the trades as well as researching on-line, you will be able to find our when an open audition for Disney will be near you. Besides keeping an eye out for auditions for Disney, the company does offer some leads through the Internet. Disney provides many jobs through their theme parks for characters, singers, dancers and voices. Find Auditions For Disney now.

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