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So your dream has come true and you have landed a real Broadway audition. If this has happened to you, you are obviously talented, seasoned and have been through the audition process. But this isn't any audition, this is Broadway, and there are still things you need to remember when entering the audition and the dos and don'ts of dealing with the Broadway elite.

Broadway auditions are not as glamorous as they sound. They are a lot of work and the atmosphere is very cut throat. Just be prepared to put in the work. It will all be worth it in the end once you land that big Broadway role.

Waiting. Broadway auditions always involve a lot of waiting. You may sometimes be out in the cold, waiting in a line that wraps around the block. Other times you may be in a very fancy rehearsal hall with limited space to rehearse. So be ready for any setting.

When the time is right, talk to the other performers there. You will meet all different people and experience levels, but will find out whom the good agents are, as well as the good acting classes to take and past audition stories. You may hear the best advice minutes before you audition, but you have to be social.

The wait is over. Your number has been called and it is time to do your best. The Broadway audition is broken down into three parts. Singing, Dancing and Acting (reading.)

If they choose to have you sing first, give your sheet music to the accompanist, announce what you will be performing and begin.

They will ask you to dance next. The dance part of the audition usually starts in large groups, and an instructor will teach you a line of steps. You will then perform the steps given, be broken down into smaller groups and even dance alone.

It is rare for a Broadway audition to have you read the same day you have sung and danced. If the casting director likes you, you will usually be called back to read for a specific part on a later day. If this happens you have moved past the preliminary auditions and have done a good job.

After your read, you will hopefully get a call back. If you get a call back, you are in the running for the part, so good luck! If you don't get a call back, don't sweat it. Just know that you tried your best, and the more auditions you go on, the better you will become. Don't stop auditioning. If you are passionate about a career on Broadway, it will happen if the right combination of talent and work ethic are used. Find Auditions in Broadway now.

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