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A casting call is a short version of an audition. Your headshots are submitted and the casting director or agent reviews the submitted material and then calls the actor or model. Then the actor/model will specifically try for a job or they will be among a group who has been pre-qualified for consideration for the job. Your manager or agent will commonly get you castings, but if you are not represented you can still be considered by having your headshots (compcard or zedcard) submitted.

Once you have been to the casting call you will receive a call back for the job or for further reconsideration that will narrow down the number of prospects. Usually it only takes one time and the casting director has been able to choose.

About 1 Auditions.com

This site links to our 3rd party auditions resource site. Please follow the link below to view the current auditioning opportunities.

Note: The site does offer hundreds of current auditions that are searchable by location and keyword. There is no charge for viewing the auditions while the site does request 2 things:

1 - That you become a free member which also provides a lot of usable tools for actors and models including a free website, email, auditions calendar and more than 20,000 free resources such as listings for agents, casting directors, coaches, photographers and more.

2 - That you notify them if you land an audition or casting so that they can mention it on their site.

Otherwise, it is quick and hassle free and they do have a huge inventory of auditions and casting calls available. Find Casting Calls now.

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