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When performing dance auditions, you must first be confident in your training. You have worked hard to get to an audition and you cannot leave what ultimately got you there. You are qualified and no audition will throw a routine or move you can't do into the steps they teach, they'll wait until the production to make you do the impossible steps.

When you perform, make sure your outfit does not distract the casting director from your bodies form and skill. If you have a big pair of dangling earrings on, the casting director will see your picture later and think "earrings" not "dancer".

What to wear to a dance audition? Neatness goes a long way. Make sure your outfit is in good condition and clean. Whichever kind of dancewear you choose, make sure it displays the bodies shape. Baggy clothes or sweats will take away from the contours of the body, which the person holding the audition is looking for. Make sure that whatever you decide to wear complies with the part, or type of production being auditioned. If a uniform is requested, make sure to wear it. For women, black tights and pink leotard are very standard. For Men, black tights and a white T-shirt, tucked in, is standard. The more modern the piece, the brighter and more creative you can be. Remember to bring different types of shoes as well. For Ballet, bring technique shoes, and for women, bring point shoes. Other styles of dance may call for different footwear (tap shoes, jazz shoes, sneakers, or even barefoot.) Make sure to enquire about the footwear you should bring.

When you arrive at the dance audition, come prepared with a resume. Your resume should include your name, contact info including a fax number, styles of dance you can perform as well as productions you have danced in prior. Attaching a headshot never hurts and a black and white 8x10 picture is fine.

The format for dance auditions can vary. On auditions referred to as "Open Calls" or "Cattle Calls" the first round of auditions are usually in groups. During group auditions, you will be taught steps to perform and that will be the content of your audition. If you are part of an audition like this, make sure to be on time. The more performers involved, the busier and more hectic the audition can be. You should arrive with enough time to get the scoop on how the audition will work and be able to prepare. If you are rushing until the moment your audition starts, you will not be as mentally or physically prepared as necessary. When you enter the audition room, hand over your resume, follow directions and pay attention. If you are disruptive or not paying attention, this will be a fault. A dancer viewed as problematic during the audition will be viewed as problematic during the production. Once the audition has started, remember your technique and do your best.

Look like you're having fun. Dancing is as hard and trying on the body as any full contact sport. What makes it harder than most sports is dancers use the same amount of exhilaration, but also have to look happy and energetic while doing it.

When your performance is over exit politely and don't ask the audition director how you did or when you will find out if you received the part. Just exit the room and wait around a few minutes for any announcements. If you were part of a group audition and did well, you may be called back for a private audition. If this happens, your dance audition went very well. If it didn't, still be proud that you faced yet another audition and keep practicing. Find Dance Auditions now.

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