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Harry Potter Auditions

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Do you ever sit in the movie theatre, enjoying a Harry Potter movie on the big screen and think, I could do that!" If you have, you may be able to attend the next round of Harry Potter Auditions!

That's right! The sixth installment of the J.K. Rowling books turned to film will be holding auditions in Britain. The main catch, you need to be British. J.K. Rowling wants to use British actors because in the books all of the students are British. If you fill this one large requirement or have a wicked good English accent, here are some ways to find out about Harry Potter Auditions.

If you are serious about landing a part in Harry Potter, read the books, keep an eye out for new characters and make sure you can get to Britain. Since J.K. Rowling wants the cast to be British, there probably won't be Harry Potter auditions held in the U.S.

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