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Besides Los Angeles, New York is the biggest pool for acting talent in the country. A large upward metropolis, New York is littered with theatre companies, production houses, agents and opportunities. Since there are so many avenues to find auditions in New York, first figure out what kind of auditions you are looking for. This will make your search much easier.

New York city is made up of five boroughs: the Bronx, Brooklyn, Staten Island, Queens and the island of Manhattan. Most of the auditions you will attend will be located in Manhattan. There is, however, a chance you will have to travel to one of the outer boroughs for an audition. The most convenient and inexpensive way to get around any part of the city is by subway. Grab a subway map (available at most subway stations) and take a few minutes to review it; you should do fine. Don't hesitate to ask questions if you are unsure of what you're looking at. Even native New Yorkers occasionally ask questions about the many different routes available.

Another popular mode of transportation is by taxi. Taxis are easily found (except when it's raining) and are great for short distances. If you have some extra cash and are short on time, this might be an option for you to consider.

Like Los Angeles, Backstage (a newspaper for actors) is offered in New York as well. By visiting auditions.com actors can see the latest auditions being offered for film, TV, theatre as well as commercial work. Backstage is the premiere publication for artists and is written and edited by actors themselves, which always makes it a great initial resource.

If you are looking for more theatre opportunities as well as acting schools and play auditions, a good website for Acting Schools. Here you can find auditions as well as promote yourself by posting resumes and headshots.

The biggest positive to starting your acting career in New York is the amount of productions you can see in one city. By going to as many plays, workshops and seminars as you can, you will meet other actors, teachers and aspiring actors alike. A large part of finding auditions and maintaining good recourses is to network. By visiting websites like the ones listed above, you can find the right place for you to advance your acting career and beat the audition game in one of the biggest cities for the arts.

Auditions in New York are just like anywhere else - it's your time to shine! So relax, be yourself and enjoy. Find Auditions in New York now.

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